365 days of pleasant surprises

Posted on Sunday, January 13, 2013 by Anders Søndergaard

Today is exactly 365 days since the release of ‘Killing something that’s already dead’. And what a year it has been.
Frans and I put a lot of effort into making something that we – ourselves – found interesting. We actually never intended it to reach anyone else than friends and family.
But look what happened: we had great reviews, received quite a lot of attention from blogs around the world, we sold records to all places in the world and almost sold out of the 200 copies, our music have been played a lot on streaming services (at times up to 70 plays per day on Spotify alone) and we still find mentions of our music at distant corners of the www.
We are so happy and so proud!
This blog post have no other purpose than for us to express our appreciation to everyone who played a part in this wonderful year – including everyone who listened to our music.
Thanks, dear.
Greetings and wishes for a happy new year!
Frans and Anders

Artwork for ‘Killing something that’s already dead’ vinyl from Machine, dear on Vimeo.

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Machine, dear: ‘Best of 2012’

Posted on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 by Anders Søndergaard

Since the release of ‘Killing something that’s already dead’ January 13 2012 we have received quite a lot of attention. To be honest way more than we expected.
Our tracks have been listened to several thousand times on streaming services and most of our limited edition vinyl release have been sold.
And to top it all we actually made it into four very different ‘best of 2012’ lists from blogs in Denmark, UK and France. And seriously, that makes us so proud.
Go see for yourselves by following the links below. There are a lot of interesting stuff besides our humble contribution to the massive amount of music available.

‘Årets bedste tracks’ [‘Tracks of the year’] by Henrik Viking at rotation.dk
‘Årets EP’er’ [‘EP’s of the year’] at lydtapet.net
‘Best of 2012’ by @diffuser.net at Free Music Archive
‘2012 Food Favourite Lists’ by DJ Food

Thanks a lot caring about our music :-).

Happy new year!
Frans & Anders


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Machine, gear

Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 by Anders Søndergaard

Dear reader

Thanks for stopping by for this very short update from the machinists:

While Frans is enjoying the beaches in South East Asia, I am spending the long dark winter nights making drafts for our next release – a 7″ single released some time during 2013. Remember to follow Machine, dear on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to get your free digital copy when it arrives.

When working on these drafts I sit down in front of this little setup:

I always dreamt of being in one of those music magazine articles where musicians tell about what gear they use. Of course no one ever asked me, so I thought I would be generous to you – dear reader – and tell you.

There is a slight chance that you are a bit geeky about audio gear and actually find this interesting. If not, please bear with me.

That is about all it takes to do whatever kind of sounds and songs that I want.

Ahh, that felt great. Back to work.

Anders, MD

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We are still here!

Posted on Friday, September 21, 2012 by Anders Søndergaard

Almost three months passed since the last update. Not impressive, we admit. But the Machine, dear machine has not stopped running at all.

We are starting to work on a 7″ release, but since we are busy folks, to put it mildly, the release date (or even the release year) are still very uncertain :-).  But whenever sketches start showing up we will start sharing it.

Meanwhile ‘Killing something that’s already dead’ are still alive and kicking. Regular post and tweets from all over the world keep popping up on the web and since the release in mid January tracks from the album has been streamed on average 20 times pr day from Spotify and Bandcamp alone. By our standards that is amazing and we are the most greatful guys ever!

And in addition there might be a remix of ‘Get out’ in the making. We will keep you posted whenever that is ready.

All the best

Anders and Frans

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‘Hands On’

Posted on Monday, June 25, 2012 by Anders Søndergaard

The cover for ‘Killing something that’s already dead’ is featured in the beautiful book ‘Hands On’ about interactive print design from viction:workshop ltd. Check out the book at victionary.com.

This is how the spread looks like:

And it is accompanied by this text:
“Repeating a striped pattern on the vinyl sleeve and its transparent PVC discobag creates the illusion of a changing pattern with the slightest shift. The result reflects the meeting of mechanical and organic elements of the music within, and creates a sense of unease”.

Kudos to OddFischlein, the designers of this great piece.

And remember: there are still a few copies left of this award winning cover art at the online shop if you want to put your hands on it yourself. They are sold for DKK 100 – approx. EUR 14 – plus shipping.

Greetings from us.

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Soundtrack for film about Daniel van der Noon

Posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 by Anders Søndergaard

Blackbird Film just finished a small and elegant portrait of the British artist Daniel van der Noon. As a soundtrack they used ‘Averages’ (stream, download or buy it here) in a version without vocals. We are very pleased that they choose to use our song and the result is very nice. See for yourself:

Best regards

Frans+Anders=Machine, dear

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