Viral design on the move

Posted on Monday, February 13, 2012 by Anders Søndergaard

Dear, dear

Something we did not really dare to hope for is happening: we are actually selling records!

About half of the limited edition vinyl of 200 is either sold or submitted for review. That’s really big for us – a small Danish debut act with no fan base.

Last week we sent records to countries as far away as USA, Greece, France and Austria – and today South Africa.

One of the main reasons that the record has gotten this attention is without doubt the spectacular art work. We’ve blogged about it several times before (for instance here, here, here and here) and we have praised Klaus Matthiesen from OddFischlein as much as we could every time.

But the choir of praises seemed to grow. The design suddenly got it’s on viral life. Here are a few examples that you can explore if you are curious:

We hope these people like the music too :-).

Greetings from the machinists
Frans + Anders

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GAFFA reviews the album: 4/6 and nice words!

Posted on Friday, February 3, 2012 by Anders Søndergaard

GAFFA recently published a review of “Killing something that’s already dead”. And they like it. They award it with 4 out of 6 stars, label it “promising” and in general the review is very positive. And we are very pleased that you get a feeling that they actually listened carefully. Thanks, GAFFA.

Read the review here.

In the coming days or weeks we expect reviews from Danish webzine Undertoner and American blog for Scandinavian music It’s a trap as well. Interesting…

And our next mission in this nice musical quest is to get some radio airplay. Wouldn’t that be nice?

A very nice weekend to you!


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Another review: 3/6 from Aarhus Stiftstidende

Posted on Monday, January 30, 2012 by Anders Søndergaard

Stiften reviewed our album. Their review is far from as positive as the previous ones. 3 out of 6 stars is their verdict.

On the positive side they give praises to ‘Introducing the co-writer’ that is labeled as a “decent hit”. But they emphasize the lack of focus on the songwriting and criticize the remaining five tracks.

…halvbagte affærer og svulstige skitser, der aldrig formår at lette, som der ellers var lagt op til.

Read it yourself here.

We appreciate the attention, Stiften!

All the best

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Blog loving from Wonders Make Joy

Posted on Sunday, January 29, 2012 by Anders Søndergaard

The cool blog Wonders Make Joy has been very kind to us and posted some nice words about the album and a brilliant video of the cover art.

“Udover at se fantastisk ud, lyder den også helt utrolig.” they say. Thanks.

And they even asked to book us for a job. Something we unfortunately declined for now. But thanks for asking! As we also stated in this interview from we are not able to play the music live at the moment. But we are working on some kind of a concept for the live performance. Standby please.

See the blog post – with the very big photo of us and a very nice track from Jonas Breum – here.

Look at the video they made here:

Machine, dear

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Another review: 72% from Underlyd

Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 by Anders Søndergaard

One more Danish blog reviewed the album! We really appreciate the attention and recommend everybody to head over to Underlyd and read the review.

We keep the press section of updated with links to all reviews and interviews published on the internet. The complete list now counts 1 interview and 4 reviews (and we now for a fact that 3 or 4 more are coming!):

Review (in Danish): Lydtapet (Jan 10, 2012): 5/6
Review (in Danish): CAPAC (Jan 13, 2012)
Review (in Danish): Musik Mig Blidt (Jan 16, 2012)
Review (in Danish): Underlyd (25 Jan, 2012): 72%
Interview (in Danish): Lydtapet (Jan 19, 2012)

Machine, dear

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It’s on sale everywhere!

Posted on Friday, January 20, 2012 by Anders Søndergaard

Dear friends

It’s been a week since the album hit the streets and we just want to tell you that it’s available almost anywhere you can think of. Almost.

If you are interested in obtaining the digital album we strongly recommend that you use the shop on this site. Here you can download the album for free or set the price at whatever level you think is fair (nice, isn’t it?). But it’s available elsewhere too.

Download or buy digital album
– FREE/DKK 0 (or more if you want) at shop
– DKK 48 at iTunes Store
– USD 5.94 at Amazon MP3 Store
– EUR 2.94 at emusic
– And various others

Listen on streaming services
– And various others

Buy vinyl
– DKK 100 (or more if you want) + shipping at shop
– DKK 100 at Street Coffee, Brammersgade 15, Aarhus, Denmark

This image is taken today at Street Coffee. Our album is at the place of honour just behind the busy barista, Kristoffer. Thanks, Street Coffee. Best coffee in town!

A happy weekend to all!

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