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Posted on Sunday, March 11, 2012 by Anders Søndergaard

You should really go to DJ Foods web page and take a look at the brilliant pictures he took of the album.
The blog post about Machine, dear is here but you should really check out some of his own work that is quite spectacular.

He took 14 great pictures and writes this about the artwork:

“I received this beautiful item the other day after seeing it on both the RokRiot and Hardformat sites. Upon watching the short film of the record being opened (see below) I knew I had to have a copy. The group is Machine, Dear and the album is called ‘Killing Something That’s Already Dead’. Designed by Klaus Matthiesen of OddFischlein, there are only 150 copies and you can grab one here.”


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Viral design on the move

Posted on Monday, February 13, 2012 by Anders Søndergaard

Dear, dear

Something we did not really dare to hope for is happening: we are actually selling records!

About half of the limited edition vinyl of 200 is either sold or submitted for review. That’s really big for us – a small Danish debut act with no fan base.

Last week we sent records to countries as far away as USA, Greece, France and Austria – and today South Africa.

One of the main reasons that the record has gotten this attention is without doubt the spectacular art work. We’ve blogged about it several times before (for instance here, here, here and here) and we have praised Klaus Matthiesen from OddFischlein as much as we could every time.

But the choir of praises seemed to grow. The design suddenly got it’s on viral life. Here are a few examples that you can explore if you are curious:

We hope these people like the music too :-).

Greetings from the machinists
Frans + Anders

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