First look at the cover

Posted on Sunday, December 11, 2011 by Anders Søndergaard

This is a test copy of the cover art for our album. A few adjustments are still to be made before the printing next week, but this video (quite lo-quality as it is) gives an idea of the concept.

We wrote about the design in this previous blog post:
It is made by Klaus Matthiesen of OddFischlein. Visit him at if you want to see more examples of his talent.

All the best

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180g white vinyl, PVC and a flickering graphic design

Posted on Thursday, September 8, 2011 by Anders Søndergaard

If everything goes as planned “Killing something that’s already dead” will be released in about 2 months from now. This short blog post is the first of more posts to come that are dedicated to the cover art of the album. And what cover art…

As mentioned before the album will be released in two formats; downloads and vinyl record. The visual design for both of them are made by the extremely talented Klaus Matthiesen from the Aarhus-based graphic design studio OddFischlein.

Klaus has designed a quite spectacular identity for Machine, dear – a pattern of flickering lines. The identity is very true to the idea behind the album and the band. When composing we use a lot of really simple and concrete musical elements that together forms an organic whole with depth and layers. Klaus visualizes this with simple black and white lines that put together flickers, changes the feel of depth and gives a sense of dizzyness.

Below you can see the conceptual presentation of the vinyl record – click on the images to see the design in full size. It consists of three elements: a white 180g vinyl record with labels, a printed disco bag (sleeve) and a clear PVC outer bag with black print. Look how the sleeve and PVC interact on both front and back! We are amazed and so excited about this innovative graphical piece of work…

In a week or so it will be send to the printing company in Germany. We can’t wait to feel it in our hands – that’s where this kind of cover art really matters. We will tell more about this as soon as the pressing is done and we have actual images of the vinyl and cover art. When we have touched it…

All the best
Machine, dear
Frans and Anders

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