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Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 by Anders Søndergaard

Dear reader

Thanks for stopping by for this very short update from the machinists:

While Frans is enjoying the beaches in South East Asia, I am spending the long dark winter nights making drafts for our next release – a 7″ single released some time during 2013. Remember to follow Machine, dear on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to get your free digital copy when it arrives.

When working on these drafts I sit down in front of this little setup:

I always dreamt of being in one of those music magazine articles where musicians tell about what gear they use. Of course no one ever asked me, so I thought I would be generous to you – dear reader – and tell you.

There is a slight chance that you are a bit geeky about audio gear and actually find this interesting. If not, please bear with me.

That is about all it takes to do whatever kind of sounds and songs that I want.

Ahh, that felt great. Back to work.

Anders, MD

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