Machine, dear: ‘Best of 2012’

Posted on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 by Anders Søndergaard

Since the release of ‘Killing something that’s already dead’ January 13 2012 we have received quite a lot of attention. To be honest way more than we expected.
Our tracks have been listened to several thousand times on streaming services and most of our limited edition vinyl release have been sold.
And to top it all we actually made it into four very different ‘best of 2012’ lists from blogs in Denmark, UK and France. And seriously, that makes us so proud.
Go see for yourselves by following the links below. There are a lot of interesting stuff besides our humble contribution to the massive amount of music available.

‘Årets bedste tracks’ [‘Tracks of the year’] by Henrik Viking at
‘Årets EP’er’ [‘EP’s of the year’] at
‘Best of 2012’ by at Free Music Archive
‘2012 Food Favourite Lists’ by DJ Food

Thanks a lot caring about our music :-).

Happy new year!
Frans & Anders


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New blog review in French

Posted on Sunday, April 22, 2012 by Anders Søndergaard

French blog listened to our music and they like what they listened to.

As so many times before we are flattered that anyone takes the time to listen to and write about our work. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. And merci too :-).

The French speaking reader can jump over to and read the full review here. Others can – like I did – use Google Translate to get a sense of what they are writing. There are some flattering stuff there… An example is the words about the opening track ‘Averages‘:

Dès le premier titre, on en prend plein les écoutilles. Averages est un vrai tour de force, une démonstration du talent de nos deux compositeurs. On ne s’ennuie pas une seconde au cours des presque 6 minutes du morceau, emportés que l’on est par un tourbillon musical et vocal qui nous nous prend du début à la fin, les premières notes du morceau suivant nous sortant d’un état quasi hypnotique. Un plaisir à écouter au casque, ou dans le noir sur un bon système de sonorisation!“.

Thanks a lot

Anders, MD

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