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Posted on Monday, June 25, 2012 by Anders Søndergaard

The cover for ‘Killing something that’s already dead’ is featured in the beautiful book ‘Hands On’ about interactive print design from viction:workshop ltd. Check out the book at victionary.com.

This is how the spread looks like:

And it is accompanied by this text:
“Repeating a striped pattern on the vinyl sleeve and its transparent PVC discobag creates the illusion of a changing pattern with the slightest shift. The result reflects the meeting of mechanical and organic elements of the music within, and creates a sense of unease”.

Kudos to OddFischlein, the designers of this great piece.

And remember: there are still a few copies left of this award winning cover art at the online shop if you want to put your hands on it yourself. They are sold for DKK 100 – approx. EUR 14 – plus shipping.

Greetings from us.

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A Creative Circle award for OddFischlein and the artwork!

Posted on Sunday, May 13, 2012 by Anders Søndergaard

A wonderful thing happened! The cover for ‘Killing something that’s already dead’ won a Silver Award at Creative Circle friday evening! That’s amazing and so well deserved.

The guys from OddFischlein had two works shortlisted at the award show – and both of them got a prize. This is so well deserved.
We are so happy to be a part of this and we are really proud to know such talented folks.

Go ahead and read about Creative Circle and see their mention of the cover here.

And by the way. Today it is exactly four months since our record was released. It’s been great so far. Really great.

We have been getting so much more attention that we expected. Great reviews. Listeners and buyers from all over the world. A lot of feedback on the art work. A few very dedicated fans. It’s been really great.

Since you are reading this post, you are also in some way a part of this and we ow you a huge ‘thank you’. Thank you!

We are starting to work on new tracks, new vinyl designs and maybe videos and apps. And we are really looking forward to it.

Frans + Anders


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The cover is shortlisted for CCA12

Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 by Anders Søndergaard

The cover for ‘Killing something that’s already dead’ has been shortlisted for a Creative Circle Award in the category ‘design:product print’. That’s a well deserved recognition of OddFischlein’s magnificent design, if you ask us.

Watch the cover on and what it’s up against on Creative Circle Awards website and cheer for success on the 11th of May.

While on the subject of the cover we want to show you a small video that a couple of guys from the cool Manacles of Acid outfit from the UK made recently.

Thanks! Go have a listen to their own cool analogue synthesizer stuff at themanaclesofacid.com.


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DJ Food gallery

Posted on Sunday, March 11, 2012 by Anders Søndergaard

You should really go to DJ Foods web page and take a look at the brilliant pictures he took of the album.
The blog post about Machine, dear is here but you should really check out some of his own work that is quite spectacular.

He took 14 great pictures and writes this about the artwork:

“I received this beautiful item the other day after seeing it on both the RokRiot and Hardformat sites. Upon watching the short film of the record being opened (see below) I knew I had to have a copy. The group is Machine, Dear and the album is called ‘Killing Something That’s Already Dead’. Designed by Klaus Matthiesen of OddFischlein, there are only 150 copies and you can grab one here.”


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Viral design on the move

Posted on Monday, February 13, 2012 by Anders Søndergaard

Dear, dear

Something we did not really dare to hope for is happening: we are actually selling records!

About half of the limited edition vinyl of 200 is either sold or submitted for review. That’s really big for us – a small Danish debut act with no fan base.

Last week we sent records to countries as far away as USA, Greece, France and Austria – and today South Africa.

One of the main reasons that the record has gotten this attention is without doubt the spectacular art work. We’ve blogged about it several times before (for instance here, here, here and here) and we have praised Klaus Matthiesen from OddFischlein as much as we could every time.

But the choir of praises seemed to grow. The design suddenly got it’s on viral life. Here are a few examples that you can explore if you are curious:

We hope these people like the music too :-).

Greetings from the machinists
Frans + Anders

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First look at the cover

Posted on Sunday, December 11, 2011 by Anders Søndergaard

This is a test copy of the cover art for our album. A few adjustments are still to be made before the printing next week, but this video (quite lo-quality as it is) gives an idea of the concept.

We wrote about the design in this previous blog post: machinedear.dk/?p=181
It is made by Klaus Matthiesen of OddFischlein. Visit him at oddfischlein.com if you want to see more examples of his talent.

All the best

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